Scope and Topics


Invitation to Submit Papers:

Authors interested in these areas are invited to submit a technical paper abstract describing original work of their innovative and new results for this conference in a wide range of topics such as:

Modeling, Characterization and Simulation:

  • Low frequency, RF/microwave and optical NF radiation theory
  • Acoustical and seismic wave theory
  • Numerical computation NF-methods
  • Transient and time-domain NF characterization
  • 2D Imaging processing method
  • 3D hologram analysis

Measurement Techniques:

  • Optical techniques
  • Active and passive probe design and calibration
  • Dielectric and magnetic material characterizations
  • Test benches and experimental validation
  • EMI/EMC measurements, EM shielding
  • Signal-/power- integrity analyses and improvements
  • Instrumentation for nano-imaging


  • optic/nanophotonic applications
  • RF/microwave, millimeter-wave device emissions and immunities
  • Antenna design and radars
  • Biomedical, biology and and ISM applications
  • Industrial and automotive/aerospace applications
  • EM dosimetry and nondestructive testing
  • Evaluation and embedded sensors for structural
  • Transportation and NF communications (NFC)

Other important topical subjects with an emphasis on near-field topics.

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5th International Conference on Electromagnetic Near-Field Characterization and Imaging ICONIC 2011